Tenders Required

The Sports Club is seeking to upgrade the building

Gas Heating with increased zone control, Air Source Heat Pump Heating and Cooling Performance. And invite tenders for the work

 The clubhouse  was built in 2011, they have a  one pipe gas fired domestic boiler 35kw in duty , which is undersized for the duty required, we also have a r22 fixed speed Daiken air con system for the main upstairs bar, unfortunately due to its age, condition and parts being unattainable we are informed that this is system is beyond economical repair.

The most cost effective & energy efficient and sustainable choice for heating and cooling provision for the club in the main bar and extension is a new more modern air source heat pump split systems (ASHP) .

The current system is to be replaced with Mitsubishi system reconfigured into 2 main areas. Each area requires independent control as trading times and required temperature vary. Area one being the main bar requires 16kW of heating and cooling via 1900mm x 900mm cassette style units mounted within the ceiling. Independent wall mounted time and temperature control. The 2nd bar area requires 20kw kW of heating and cooling via 2 900mm x 900mm cassette style units mounted within the ceiling area and Independent wall mounted time and temperature control. The remaining arears such as toilets, changing room, corridors etc will be heated via a new high efficiency 50kw boiler sized correctly, this will also where possible be zoned to allow better control and reduce gas consumption.

The design of the system shall meet:

  • All current UK Regulatory Standards and Code of Practice.
  • CIBSE technical requirements
  • British and European Harmonised Standards
  • Health and Safety Executive Guidance
  • Building Regulations (in force at time of installation).

The general equipment specified for the provision of heating and cooling, which  Camdon shall design, co-ordinate, supply, install and commission new Mitsubishi ASHP comprising of external condensing units internal units and all associated equipment and new gas fired condensing boiler

All tenders to

Salisbury & South Wilts Sports Club

Wilton Road